What is Snap?

SNAP is Blossom’s publication platform dedicated to creativity and communication.


Over the past decade, we have kept our eyes and minds open in our search for Beauty. For us, Beauty can be found anywhere, whether in a painting or an infographic, an e-mail or a colleague’s gaze over coffee. Beauty is what we seek when we meet others to exchange ideas and share stories, opening ourselves to fresh insight.


At first, we talked about it amongst ourselves, but meeting after meeting, we noted that we were not alone in this quest. We realised that our discoveries of Beauty could also provide inspiration for our clients, others who do the same work we do, and those who –  perhaps – simply dream of doing it.


So, with the advent of the new Blossom website, we created a space where we can talk about our way of looking at the world and our search for Beauty. There are no limits to the places and people that can create a spark in us. On this digital platform, there will be room for design, advertising, comics and visual arts as well as cooking and psychology, and much more. Because wherever there is a relationship, there is communication.


And that, after all, is what we want to talk about. About that “snap” of the fingers when someone helps you connect the dots and you feel like you’re onto something exciting. We will share stories that embrace different themes and diverse situations, and we will seek them inside and outside Blossom, because we believe it’s the only way that the best ideas come to light.

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