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Dec 1 - 2022
New partnership with Webperformance

When two players like Blossom and Webperformance share a special synergy and the same ambition – to always look ahead – that’s when a new partnership is born. One destined to make a difference.

Today, we’re kicking off a long-lasting collaboration with the digital agency Webperformance aimed at developing more creative, efficient and measurable campaigns.

After realizing multiple projects together for clients such as Technoprobe, Poliform and Prénatal, we wanted to take our collaboration to the next level and focus on digital campaign planning and management, tracking, data analysis and SEO with one of the best agencies in all of these areas.

Our new partner’s payoff: “Data Driven and Human Inspired”; is a statement that perfectly matches the strategic approach, constant research, and hunger for connection pursued by Blossom. That’s how we shape experiences in which meaning and beauty come together. That’s how we defy convention.

Read the press release.


Giacomo Frigerio, CEO at Blossom — Alessandro Scartezzini, CEO at Webperformance®

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Dec 19 - 2022
Ducati World Première 2023

We close the year by looking to the future – the launch of the Ducati Streetfighter V4 and Diavel V4 S in 2023

Only those who have no intention of ever stopping can keep pace with a Ducati. And Blossom has had this honour on twelve occasions. A historic collaboration that was reaffirmed at the end of this year thanks to the creation of a concept and main video for two exceptional bikes.

Streetfighter V4 and Diavel V4 S were presented to the world at the Ducati World Première 2023.

Push Forward is an adrenaline-fueled campaign with nocturnal pathos in which the Streetfighter V4 darts around a racetrack immersed in darkness, making its way with its own light and personality.

Dare to be bold is the concept for an agile, muscular bike that stands out – the perfect statement for the new Diavel V4 S – driven home with a video that reestablishes the agile, contemporary and furious appeal of the motorcycle.

Two high-impact launch campaigns that offer a different take on the world of urban and suburban riding.

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Dec 19 - 2022
Another Christmas together with Prénatal

Discovering Christmas is the new campaign developed for Prénatal. To support the brand once again in 2022, we crafted a Christmas message that combines strategy and creativity.

For the second consecutive year, Blossom curated the Christmas campaign for Prénatal. 2021 proved to be a truly Amazing Christmas, which is why the brand called on Blossom to strike a chord once again and boost Christmas sales in an original and powerful way.

With a brand-new concept, main video, and digital communication and in-store assets, Blossom proved to be the ultimate comms partner, combining ingenuity and strategy into a totally unique campaign.

Discovering Christmas stars a girl who seeks the magic of Christmas, which she hopes to find amidst the traditional decorations in her home. The young explorer remains disappointed each time, until she makes the final discovery – the secret of Christmas is family; the secret is that “We are the magic”.

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Dec 19 - 2022
The Christmas campaign for Cipriani

Cheers! In December, Cipriani Food and Cipriani Drinks celebrated with Blossom with the Made to Celebrate campaign, a special photo shoot highlighting the uniqueness of Cipriani and promoting Panettone and Bellini.

To mark Christmas, we organised a photo shoot to showcase the uniqueness of Cipriani products in a context characterised by the spirit of family warmth and sharing. The chosen aesthetic plays on a minimalist mood, and is both playful and enchanting, positioning Cipriani Panettone and Bellini in an almost fairy-tale-like setting of paper trees.

Harnessing creativity and digital strategy, this is a project of which we are particularly proud. Because we too enjoy celebrating in style, as well as promoting positive interactions between people and brands.

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