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Mar 15 - 2023
On TV with Illumia and Matteo Berrettini

A champion like Matteo Berrettini always knows when to give it gas and when to go into energy-saving mode to win. Just like Illumia.

“Those with the right energy choose not to waste it” is the claim we crafted for Illumia and its brand ambassador, Matteo Berrettini, and his family.

For eight years we have partnered with Illumia, the largest Italian family business operating in the energy sector. Today, we are proud to accompany them on their return to TV. The spot reflects the brand’s personality, using light tones and a fresh style to communicate its commitment to people and consumers.

In addition to the commercial broadcasted on DAZN, Blossom held photo shoots and produced short videos to ensure a 360-degree approach to omnichannel digital communication. The strategy encompasses all social channels and includes a landing page highlighting the Berrettini family’s tips for saving electricity.

The release has also been covered by Brand News, Engage, Mediakey.

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Sep 18 - 2023
Our journey continues with Ducati

Once again, Ducati has entrusted Blossom to launch the new Monster, a special edition to celebrate the first thirty years of the naked bike. The result? An epochal video. Literally.

To show the evolution of a motorcycle that’s made history – the Monster, the world’s most legendary naked bike – Ducati wanted longtime travel companions by their side. Our collaboration continues with the concept and main video celebrating the Monster’s 30° Anniversary limited special edition.

A point of reference for over three decades, the Ducati Monster has outlasted trends and outridden eras, setting the pace of urban riding generation after generation. A voiceover drives home our message that only true icons stand the test of time.

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Aug 22 - 2023
Our awareness campaign for UN OCHA

#NoMatterWhat: a powerful concept becomes the foundation of our communication strategy for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in honour of World Humanitarian Day 2023.

The Call | Humanitarian principles, life-threatening circumstances, and the fight against disinformation

On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day 2023, OCHA approached Blossom for a global campaign aimed at building awareness and appreciation for humanitarian work and countering misinformation in communities where humanitarians provide aid. In particular, OCHA wanted to shine a light on the principles that guide humanitarian workers, the hazards they face in the field, and why, despite the danger, they choose to put their lives at the service of people in need.

The Quest | Clarifying values, depicting risks, and honouring sacrifice, past and present

“The very existence of humanitarianism is under threat. From rising geopolitical tensions to erosion of international humanitarian law. From deepening public scrutiny to deliberate disinformation campaigns.”

To counter public mistrust and spark awareness and appreciation for humanitarian work, we focused on how to communicate the fundamental humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence in a compelling and graspable manner, both verbally and visually. The 20th anniversary of the bombing of UN headquarters in Baghdad and present-day adversity in the humanitarian context served as poignant illustrations of the risks global aid workers face every day and the need to ensure their protection, while also honouring lives lost, but never forgotten.

The Outcome | The #NoMatterWhat global campaign

“We have no other agenda than saving lives and delivering the basics of life – food, water, shelter, medical care, and protection for the most vulnerable.”

Blossom developed a multi-layered, powerful campaign revolving around three words – #NoMatterWhat – which, together, gave life to a concept that deftly conveys the values humanitarians abide by, why they are present in places of suffering, and their mission to help alleviate suffering everywhere.

To reach multiple audiences and heighten impact, we chose simple language and a minimalistic editorial style. Gripping scenarios and sound design recall dispatches from the frontlines and catapult the viewer into the intense reality of humanitarian work.

The straightforward narrative used in the main video and social media content adeptly communicates the hazards and the principles humanitarians live by and drives home the message that aid workers stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the communities they serve.

Watch the main video.

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May 19 - 2023
Behind the counter of the CBC

Well structured and with an engaging storytelling. Also this year, our digital strategy for the Campari Bartender Competition.

A call to challenge yourself, with style and willingness to dare. “Find your creative Spirit” is the main concept of the digital communication of the last edition of the Campari Bartender Competition, which we have followed this year as well.

From teasing, to the campaign to apply, to the final: we have developed a social strategy that unfolds in different stages of storytelling, which has brought the community inside a research journey.

With engaging social content, we went in search of the best talents behind the counter, promoting the applications and engaging on the Campari Academy social channels. . On this journey, we have involved Domenico Carella, Campari Red Hand 2023. Thanks to his fame as cocktail creator and influencer, the CBC Mastro inspired the community explaining the qualities that a bartender should possess and strive for.

The fanbase lived into the heart of the competition thanks to a well structured and impactful digital strategy, which motivated participants to push themselves and give their all.

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May 15 - 2023
Blossom NYC: a day with Cara Moore

Our beacon in New York. Interview with the New Business Account for the new Blossom office.

With us to represent Blossom in New York City.

The star of this Turning Story is Cara Moore, our New Business Account. With her we move into the city where business, culture and communication come together with extraordinary vitality.

We met Cara in our HQ, to talk with her about this journey to New York and her career that, from the Big Apple, led her to Milan.

Watch the interview.

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Apr 19 - 2023
Distinctive illustrations for the latest WHO project

Our visual language for the new guide to an age-friendly society.

Developing National Programmes for Age-Friendly Cities and Communities: a guide is the latest publication of the global network of the World Health Organization.

For this project, we worked on a visual translation of the AFCC (Age-Friendly Cities and Communities) program, to make it understandable to everyone, regardless of language and social status.

We then created original illustrations of the various environments in which each person lives: the household environment, the neighbourhood and the society. Three concentric circles that surround each person and that, together, make up a diverse and inclusive model.

A visual language that explains how age-friendly realities – of different sizes and complexity, but without barriers – can live together, to allow people to continue doing what they look at as important, for as long as possible.

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