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B-side. Beyond the already heard.

B-side is a special force of creatives and strategists, who craft bold design and communications to fuel the advancement of like-minded people and organizations fighting to make the world a better place.

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A strategy to raise billions for your organization
A campaign mobilizing hundreds of people
A compelling argument for investing in your cause
A true identity for your organization
A smart solution to optimize your resources
A new way to raise funding for development

B-Side helps international organizations and NGOs optimize their public sector resource mobilization, plans replenishment campaigns, and builds private sector and innovative financing strategies.

B-Side uses the dark arts of marketing for good causes. If we believe in your cause, we will go all the way to make sure we can persuade others to believe in it as well. And that they act for change.

Charity is dead. There are no longer “donors” and “recipients” – only “investors” and “positive impact”. So you need a compelling case for investment and we know how to write one.

Have you ever pretended to be someone you are not? It doesn’t work for your organization either. B-Side links your brand with a true identity and purpose and sharpens your strategy in the process.

B-Side helps find a structure for the External Relations function that optimizes whatever resources are available and make advocacy, communications and resource mobilization work as one effort.

At B-Side, fighting for Beauty means finding bold, elegant solutions to big problems. And nothing is bigger than finding a way to finance climate change adaption and mitigation and global health.


Valentina Frigerio
Director of Content Strategy and Head of Copy
Jon Lidén
Communications Strategist
Giacomo Cesana
Creative Director
Annalisa Gatti
Senior Project Manager
Toby Burnham
Media Relations Specialist
Jeremy Bogen
Social Media Strategist
Eelco Szabó
Governance Advisor
Miriam Clados
Senior analyst
Katja Roll
Senior Analyst
Ruwan Del Mel
Senior Analyst
Shelly Sandall
Branding Specialist
Camilla Beretta
Brand Colonel

Strategy and creativity that drive change

We transcend the boundaries of everyday ideas and ordinary design by connecting strategy and creativity in meaningful ways that bring ideas, campaigns and movements to fruition.


Brand audit and market analysis

Purpose driven brand strategy

Brand positioning

Digital strategy

Media strategy

Campaign strategy


Brand identity

Art direction

Naming and copywriting


Graphic design and illustration

Editorial design

Data visualization

Web design and development

Animation and motion graphics

Filming and sound design


Advocacy and awareness campaign

Resource mobilization and replenishment campaign

Public relations and media outreach

Social media planning and management

Influencer engagement

Brand activation

Events creation and management

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