Milan is the place where everything started and where our main headquarters is based. Before our time, our building was a factory where Pirelli made tires. Then, it lay abandoned for years. As is our way, we saw huge potential in this industrial wasteland; we moved in and gave it new life. While we kept its rough, industrial style, we have added some contemporary touches. Today, it is our factory of beauty. In a huge open space, 50 people, plus our many guests, work on your projects. We work together and – in our communal kitchen – we eat together. Then there is the rooftop: the place to enjoy a view of the Alps, the most beautiful sunsets of greater Milan, and definitely, the best summer parties.


Via Milano, 8 — 20831
Seregno — Milan — Italy

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Need to talk with us? Our super talkative Diego is not afraid to use more words than necessary.

Diego M. Sala

Diego M. Sala

Cavalry Captain Scout

[email protected]
+39 366 30 18 214

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